Trending Topics

Trending Topics

Trending Topics: The topics or hashtags most talked about on Twitter (currently being discussed).

About Trending Topics

A word, phrase or topic that is tagged at a greater rate than other tags is said to be a trending topic (TT for short).

Trending topics become popular either through a concerted effort by users or because of an event that prompts people to talk about one specific topic.

These topics help Twitter and their users to understand what is happening in the world.

Trending topics are sometimes the result of concerted efforts by fans of certain celebrities or cultural phenomena. The trend algorithm has been altered in the past to prevent manipulation of this type.

Trending Topic News

  • New York Daily News: KING: What it feels like to be the top trending topic in the world for a lie

    New York Daily News

    22/04/2016 10:50
    Until Mike Brown was shot, killed and left on the scorching pavement for four hours on Canfield Drive in Ferguson, Mo., on August 9, 2014, I had never once been accused of lying about how many kids I have. I had never once been accused of being a white ...

  • XXLMAG.COM: Birdman Ultimatums Become a Hilarious Twitter Trending Topic


    23/04/2016 10:41
    Birdman's interview on The Breakfast Club Friday morning (April 22) has become the talk of the Internet. For one, it was probably the shortest sit-down in radio history. And two, the Cash Money founder was royally livid, cussing out Charlamagne Tha God ...

  • Latin Times: Dulce Maria New Single Soon: Fans Tweet And Create Worldwide Trending Topic

    Latin Times

    22/04/2016 18:49
    All of her followers got together to make "Dulce Maria New Single Soon" a trending topic on Twitter. As users of social media got the topic on the famous platform, it generated enough buzz for it to become a worldwide trending topic. Fans are intense ...

  • Yahoo Sports (blog): Who's to blame when a team goes south? (Trending Topics)

    Yahoo Sports (blog)

    08/04/2016 16:15
    When teams run out of tangible answers for why they're not good, they always turn to the same thing: intangibles. For instance, this week we saw both Vancouver and Colorado turn to issues of leadership, character, and culture for the reasons that these ...

  • VentureBeat: Facebook showing live videos in trending topics with new video search coming ...


    07/04/2016 13:39
    Facebook Live videos that become popular will be listed under the site's trending topics, and the company is building out a dedicated search experience for its mobile app. This week, the company launched new features for Facebook Live, including the ...

  • NDTV: Facebook Gets Video Search, Starts Showing Live Videos in Trending Topics


    08/04/2016 02:08
    Facebook recently made it easier for people to broadcast videos to friends and groups via the Facebook Live feature. The social platform in its latest attempt to boost adoption and viewership of the service has introduced a video search feature ...

  • El #LadyMatemáticas es trending topic


    28/04/2016 10:59
    #LadyMatemáticas es trending topic. #LadyMatemáticas es trending topic. Foto: Redacción ElImparcial. 0. 0. 0. Enviar. Ampliar. Reducir. Escuchar. Por: Agencias | 28/04/2016 6:32. CIUDAD DE MÉXICO(Agencias). Su medalla de oro la convirtió en orgullo ...

  • DA MAN Magazine (blog): Diesel & Joe Jonas Start a Trending Topic

    DA MAN Magazine (blog)

    06/04/2016 21:52
    SWIPING IT RIGHT. Diesel is breaking old habits as it braves the digital world with a brand new fashion campaign strategy. Diesel Spring:Summer 2016 DNCE Joe Jonas. First up, the global denim brand taps Joe Jonas and his new band DNCE along with a ...

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