Trending Topic 'Xbox One' (Topic) in Ecuador

Trending Topic 'Xbox One' (Topic) in Ecuador

Trending Topic Xbox One (Topic). One of the topics most talked about on Twitter in Ecuador.

Last occurrence in Ecuador of Trending Topic 'Xbox One' (Topic) on Thursday 20th of June 2013.

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  • CNET: Xbox One Asia launch: Everything you need to know

    Gotta Be Mobile

    01/09/2014 09:40The long wait for the Xbox One is almost over though -- Microsoft will be launching the console in Hong Kong, India, Taiwan and Singapore on September 23, while for Korea and China, dates have yet to be confirmed. Japan is set for a slightly earlier ...
    more »

  • Classicalite: Microsoft Xbox One Games with Gold Free Game Downloads For September ...


    01/09/2014 14:56It is September and that means that there are all new Xbox One Games with Golds games available. OK! Well this is one of those off months where we only get one free new game download. This month the side-scrolling, time-jumping, gunner, Super Time ...
    more »

  • Joystiq: Pre-order Destiny on Xbox One, get launch-day delivery, $10 gift card


    01/09/2014 12:18Those interested in a boxed Xbox One copy of Destiny can snag a few extra perks by pre-ordering this week through the Microsoft Store. Pre-order before September 5 at 5PM ET to lock down launch-day delivery, and all Microsoft pre-orders come with a $10 ...
    more »

  • The Epoch Times: Minecraft Xbox One, PS4, PS Vita Update: 4J Hands in Xbox One Edition for the ...

    International Business Times AU

    01/09/2014 01:24The company behind Minecraft's next-gen editions has handed in the Xbox One edition for the final test. If it passes, then a release date could come at anytime in September. The next-gen versions were initially supposed to come out in August. The ...
    more »

  • Tech Times: State of Decay coming to Xbox One in Spring 2015: Co-op multiplayer or no buy


    31/08/2014 08:45State of Decay is one of the best games available on the Xbox 360. It was surprise hit. And now, the developer, Undead Labs, is working on porting the game to the Xbox One in glorious 1080p. Killing zombies in 1080p should be a boon for gamers on the ...
    more »

  • Total Xbox: First Resident Evil HD Remastered Xbox One trailer arrives


    01/09/2014 05:11The first trailer for Capcom's first Resident Evil game for Xbox One is upon us. Still catching up? It's a 1080p revamp of the Gamecube remake of the original Resident Evil (or as some may prefer, Biohazard), released way back in 1996. The game can be ...
    more »

  • TrustedReviews: Rockstar denies GTA 5 Xbox One, PS4 and PC delays


    01/09/2014 07:26“Grand Theft Auto 5 will take full advantage of the power of the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC with across-the-board graphical and technical improvements to deliver a stunning new level of detail,” explained Rockstar when announcing the new version.
    more »

  • Joystiq: Seen@PAX: Sunset Overdrive's white Xbox One in the wild


    01/09/2014 11:56Gather round lads, as Captain Ahab of the SS Joystiq tells ye the tale of the great white Xbox One called Moby Dick the Sunset Overdrive bundle. Aye, its existence 'twas once but a rumor, but the beast resurfaced shortly thereafter, proving its reality ...
    more »

Trending Topic 'Xbox One' Blogs

  • Xbox One Update: New Media Player App, SmartGlass ...

    Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson - 28/08/2014 17:00Today, we will begin rolling out new features and updates to Xbox One for fans all over the world. These updates include new ways to bring your personal media to your Xbox, updates to the party system, more ways to interact ... more »

  • Dead or Alive 5: Last Round Head To PS4 And Xbox One ...

    Ben Reeves - 31/08/2014 14:51Tecmo Koei producer Yosuke Hayashi revealed that Dead or Alive 5: Last Round would released next spring on Japanese PS4s and Xbox Ones. No word yet on weather or not we'll see a Western release, but since the series ... more »

  • Starting Today, New Media Player App, New SmartGlass ...

    Xbox Wire Staff - 28/08/2014 10:00Today, we will begin rolling out new features and updates to Xbox One for fans all over the world. These updates include new ways to bring your personal media to your Xbox, updates to the party system, more ways to interact ... more »

  • ​Dead or Alive 5 Coming To Playstation 4 and Xbox One ...

    Mike Fahey - 31/08/2014 11:33In a suprise announcement following the award ceremony at this weekend's Japan Gamer's Live event, Tecmo Koei producer Yosuke Hayashi announced Dead or Alive 5: Last Round, coming to Japanese PS4 and Xbox One ... more »

  • Xbox One update rolling out with new media player and ...

    Tom Warren - 29/08/2014 03:41Microsoft's big September update for Xbox One is rolling out to consoles today, just under a month after the company made it available to select beta testers. The update includes a number of improvements focused at the TV ... more »

  • The Xbox One is ready to play your music, videos and even ...

    Timothy J. Seppala - 28/08/2014 18:24Well, that happened a bit sooner than we expected. The Xbox One update detailed earlier this month is rolling out to everyone over the next few days, according to Xbox Live's Larry "Major Nelson" Hyrb. The patch brings a ... more »

  • Next Xbox One Update Begins Rolling Out Today - Xbox ...

    Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson - 18/08/2014 00:00Today, we will begin rolling out the next Xbox One system update to fans around the world, which will include improved social features to make sharing your gaming experiences with friends better and easier. These new ... more »

  • Standalone Kinect For Xbox One Will Go On Sale October 7 ...

    Alex Wilhelm - 27/08/2014 12:47Starting October 7, consumers who opted to buy an Xbox One without a Kinect will be able to snag one for $149.99. Microsoft unbundled the Kinect device from the Xbox One in a bid to lower the price of its current-generation ... more »

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