Trending Topic 'Xbox One' (Topic) in Ecuador

Trending Topic 'Xbox One' (Topic) in Ecuador

Trending Topic Xbox One (Topic). One of the topics most talked about on Twitter in Ecuador.

Last occurrence in Ecuador of Trending Topic 'Xbox One' (Topic) on Thursday 20th of June 2013.

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  • GameSpot: Xbox Free Games With Gold November for Xbox One and 360


    30/10/2014 14:41Xbox One users will get Volgarr the Viking, an indie game that "is a journey back to the days of yore, when times were tougher, and you really only needed a couple buttons to play a game." While not mentioned explicitly in the post, Crimson Dragon will ...
    more »

  • GameSpot: PS4 Dominates Xbox One in Ubisoft Platform Sales Charts


    30/10/2014 13:57One of the most standout statistics is that PS4 rival Xbox One actually ranked fourth for the quarter ended September 30. With 9 percent of sales, the Xbox One was outsold by PlayStation 3 (19 percent), PC (17 percent), and Xbox 360 (16 percent) during ...
    more »

  • Gotta Be Mobile: Why You Shouldn't Buy the Xbox One Right Now

    Gotta Be Mobile

    30/10/2014 10:22You should not buy the Xbox One right now, unless you like overpaying for your new console. With dozens of great games on the market you may think this is the best time to buy the Xbox One, but if you wait several days you can save big on your new ...
    more »

  • Kotaku: Well, That's One Way To Fix The Xbox One's Backwards Compatibility


    30/10/2014 21:31It still irritates me that the Xbox One isn't backwards-compatible. From Red Dead to GTA V, there are old games I still own and still want to play, but because I don't have an Xbox 360 anymore (one died and I traded the other in for the XB1), they just ...
    more »

  • ExtremeTech: The best free games on the Xbox One


    30/10/2014 15:28This classic fighting franchise has finally returned to the limelight, and this time it's a free-to-play release exclusive to the Xbox One. Originally developed by Double Helix, its acquisition by Amazon left the dev team unable to offer continued ...
    more »

  • GameSpot: The Crew Xbox One, PS4 Beta Coming Next Month


    30/10/2014 08:22The publisher has announced that a second beta for The Crew will be held on both platforms November 6-10. It is a closed beta, but there are multiple ways to get in. You can either preorder the game to guarantee yourself a place in the beta (North ...
    more »

  • VG247: GTA 5: everything we know about the PS4, Xbox One and PC remake


    30/10/2014 09:52If you have a PS3 save and want to buy the PC or Xbox One version that's absolutely fine. It should all be saved on Rockstar's cloud server. Transferring over your save includes your GTA Online characters, all weapons, cash and any extra perks. This ...
    more »

  • GameSpot: Microsoft Has No Plans to Sell Standalone White Xbox One Controllers


    29/10/2014 10:59Currently, the only way to get your hands on a white Xbox One controller is to buy the Sunset Overdrive bundle, and it doesn't sound like this is going to change anytime soon. Asked on Twitter if Microsoft had any plans to offer the white Xbox One ...
    more »

Trending Topic 'Xbox One' Blogs

  • Playdate: We're livestreaming 'Sunset Overdrive' on Xbox One!

    Timothy J. Seppala - 28/10/2014 18:30We've been singing Sunset Overdrive's praises for awhile now and it's finally time that the rest of the world gets a chance to play it. The Xbox One. more »

  • Microsoft starts the holiday sales early with $50 off Xbox One

    Vlad Savov - 27/10/2014 06:43The Kinect-less Xbox One is getting even cheaper from this Sunday as Microsoft starts up its Season of Xbox discounts for the holidays. A new $349 price ($50 less than the current $399) will kick in from the 2nd of November ... more »

  • Xbox One Available for $349 in the US This Holiday Season

    Jeff Rubenstein - 27/10/2014 06:03The Season of Xbox will begin on November 2, when Xbox One will be available for a special, limited-time promotional offer of $349 in the U.S. Special promotional pricing of $50 off the console of your choice applies to any ... more »

  • Xbox One price slashed to $349 for the holidays - Engadget

    Daniel Cooper - 27/10/2014 06:35Good things come to those who wait, and Microsoft's now in the business of richly rewarding those capable of delaying their gratification. If you've yet to pick up an Xbox One, then holding off until November 2nd will see the ... more »

  • Xbox One Update: New Friends, Snap, TV Features and ...

    Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson - 15/10/2014 19:00Today, we're beginning to roll out new features that take advantage on the multitasking capabilities of Xbox One and connect with your friends in better ways than before thanks to your feedback. Please keep it coming. For a ... more »

  • 'Sunset Overdrive' review: energy drink-fueled insanity for ...

    Andrew Webster - 27/10/2014 03:01The game is set during an apocalypse, but one far removed from the brown-and-gray wastelands typically found in video games. It takes place in the .... a skateboard? Sunset Overdrive launches on October 28th on Xbox One ... more »

  • Xbox One November System Update: New TV ...

    Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson - 20/10/2014 20:48Show Who You Are – Some of the most requested features being released this month include the ability to customize your Xbox One background and showcase and share some of your favorite achievements and game clips. more »

  • Xbox One Is Getting a $50 'Holiday' Price Drop, Will Cost $349

    András Neltz - 27/10/2014 06:30Starting on November 2, the no-Kinect Xbox One and two of its related bundles will be sold at a discounted price of $349. more »

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