Trending Topic 'Fatin' (Topic) in Indonesia

Trending Topic 'Fatin' (Topic) in Indonesia

Trending Topic Fatin (Topic). One of the topics most talked about on Twitter in Indonesia.

Last occurrence in Indonesia of Trending Topic 'Fatin' (Topic) on Saturday 25th of May 2013.

Trending Topic 'Fatin' (Topic) Occurrences

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Trending Topic «Fatin» in Twitter

Trending Topic 'Fatin' News

  • Jakarta Post: Guess what?: Fatin plans to get married young

    17/07/2014 23:56In looking for a boyfriend, Fatin said she wanted someone who could be close with her family. “I want him to be able to get along with my parents, too. I also want him to be funny, and have good attitude,” the winner of the first X Factor Indonesia said.
    more »

  • Okezone: Lebaran, Fatin Shidqia & Keluarga Kompak Bergaun Panjang

    27/07/2014 21:25Lebaran, Fatin Shidqia & Keluarga Kompak Bergaun Panjang Fatin bersama keluarganya kompak pakai gamis (Foto : Okezone) MENURUT Fatin Shidqia, gaun atau longdress mampu membuatnya terlihat lebih tinggi dan jenjang. Oleh sebab itu, dia ...
    more »

  • Metro TV News: Kampungnya Susah Sinyal Telepon, Fatin Ogah Mudik

    Metro TV News

    27/07/2014, Jakarta: Pulang kampung atau mudik telah menjadi tradisi masyarakat Indonesia yang ditunggu-tunggu saat lebaran. Namun, tidak oleh penyanyi Fatin Shidqia Lubis. Ditemui saat menghadiri sebuah acara di Depok beberapa waktu lalu, ...
    more »

  • Astro Awani: Commonwealth Games: Malaysian gymnasts clinch bronze medal in team event

    Astro Awani

    25/07/2014 03:35The team, consisting of Amy Kwan Dict Weng, Wong Poh San and Fatin Zakirah Zain Jalany, accumulated 135.825 points and outclassed favourite team England for the bronze. The event was won by Canada on 141.450 points and the silver medal by Wales ...
    more »

  • Tribunnews: Ubay Idol Sebut Fatin Cantik dan Periang

    21/07/2014 06:18TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA - Fatin Shidqia Lubis (18) dikabarkan sedang menjalin asmara dengan Ubay jebolan Indonesian Idol 2014. Hubungan mereka berdua saat ini semakin intens. "Saya untuk saat ini sih hanya berteman saja dengan Fatin, tetapi ...
    more »

  • Okezone: Ubay Puji Suara Emas Fatin Shidqia


    16/07/2014 23:11Ubay Puji Suara Emas Fatin Shidqia JAKARTA- Nama Ubay sudah tak asing di telinga masyarakat Indonesia sejak keikutsertaannya dalam ajang Indonesian Idol 2014 kemarin. Memiliki wajah ganteng dan masih muda membuatnya banyak digandrungi ...
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  • Suara Merdeka CyberNews: Dikuntit Saat Mudik, Fatin Shidqia Nggak Kapok

    Suara Merdeka CyberNews

    24/07/2014 06:29Fatin – Setelah off satu bulan penuh selama Ramadan dari berbagai jadwal manggung, Fatin Shidqia Lubis bakal segera menumpahkan rasa rindunya dengan kampung halamannya nih, kawan. Setiap dua tahun sekali, jawara X ...
    more »

  • Fatin Shidqia Lubis Sudah Ngebet Nikah Muda

    15/07/2014 18:30PENYANYI yang baru berusia 17 tahun Fatin Shidqia Lubis ini sudah memikirkan tentang masa depannya. Ya, Fatin sudah berkeinginan untuk menikah di usia 24 tahun. Ia mengaku memang sudah lama berniat untuk menikah muda. “Aku sudah ada target ...
    more »

Trending Topic 'Fatin' Blogs

  • Year of the boomerang? Frantz Fanon and the Arab uprisings

    Fatin Abbas - 11/04/2011 00:51This year marks the 50th anniversary of the publication of Frantz Fanon's The Wretched of the Earth. Fatin Abbas argues that the uprisings that have erupted across north Africa and the Middle East in recent months attest to the ... more »

  • The Circumcision | openDemocracy

    Fatin Abbas - 05/12/2012 03:00A story by Fatin Abbas. Part of a series of of poems and short stories by African feminist writers for 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence. They told her it was time to circumcise the girls and she refused. She lifted that ... more »

  • Fatin Dantzler talks kin and Kindred for Father's Day | News ...

    By Chris Wilder - 11/06/2014 11:01It's nearly noon on a Tuesday, and there's no school, so Fatin Dantzler is taking his son, Aquil, and his 14-year-old nephew, Riyadh, to King's Dominion in Virginia. It's Aquil's 15th birthday, and at 15, who wouldn't want to go to ... more »

  • Chocolate Cats: Selamat Hari Raya - Eid Mubarak!

    FatiN - 27/07/2014 09:16... wonderful Raya filled with yummy food. Safe journey home if you guys are travelling back to your home towns. To my non-Muslim readers and friends, have a wonderful break and Happy Visiting! J. Posted by FatiN at 21:16. more »

  • [Religi 2014] Download Lagu Fatin - Proud Of You Moslem ...

    unknown - 24/06/2014 21:30Download Lagu Fatin - Proud Of You Moslem.mp3 (Fatin Shidqia Lubis - Muslim) Religi terbaru 2014 gratis no lirik hanya untuk review. Jangan lupa membeli kaset CD/VCD original dari full album lagu ini atau menggunakan ... more »

  • Sudan secession: resolving divisions? | openDemocracy

    Fatin Abbas - 07/07/2011 22:05Fatin Abbas is a Sudanese-born writer based in the U.S. She has a PhD in Comparative Literature from Harvard University. She has written on Africa and Middle East related issues for The Nation and Bidoun Magazine. more »

  • Fatin | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    Jon Siegel - 14/06/2014 22:57Fatin. ... So Beauty. Want to format your comment? Follow Jon Siegel Jon Siegel Member since 2008. Taken on June 14, 2014 · Nikon D700; 774 Views; 0 Galleries · Jon Siegel's photostream (2,893). Newest photo →; Fatin · Salleh · Toast ... more »

  • Fatin Shidqia - Irrelevant (Lauren Aquilina Cover ... (Moch. Syamsudin Nur) - 21/07/2014 15:24Download mp3 gratis Fatin Shidqia - Irrelevant (Lauren Aquilina Cover) more »

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