Trending Topic 'X Factor Indonesia' (Topic) in Indonesia

Trending Topic 'X Factor Indonesia' (Topic) in Indonesia

Trending Topic X Factor Indonesia (Topic). One of the topics most talked about on Twitter in Indonesia.

Last occurrence in Indonesia of Trending Topic 'X Factor Indonesia' (Topic) on Friday 28th of December 2012.

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Trending Topic «X Factor Indonesia» in Twitter

Trending Topic 'X Factor Indonesia' News

  • Philippine Star: 3 Pinoys pass AussieX Factor auditions

    27/07/2014 11:45X Factor is created by Simon Cowell. To date, the show airs in many other countries, including Belgium, Canada, Chile, China, Columbia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, India, Indonesia, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New ...
    more »

  • Unreality TV: X Factor UK 2014 to make history as it airs in Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia ...

    24/07/2014 03:07Though of course The X Factor airs in a number of countries, each show is broadcast featuring that particular country's unique version of the talent quest, and hitherto, X Factor UK has only ever aired in the United Kingdom. However, it seems that's ...
    more »

  • Yahoo TV UK: X Factor UK gets export to Asia

    Yahoo TV UK

    24/07/2014 06:52Countries set to be able to tune in to The X Factor UK include Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia in the first deal of its kind for a UK talent show. They will get to watch two shows a week as live on Sunday and ...
    more »

  • Pittsburgh Post Gazette: Peace Corps redesigns for modern times

    26/07/2014 22:17The 26-year-old from Braddock Hills landed in Indonesia soon afterwards, bound for a village called Dolopol. She moved into a ranch-style home with a ... The director said another factor contributing to their diminishing numbers was the length of the ...
    more »

  • Hollywood Reporter: 'X Factor UK' to Air Live in South East Asia

    Hollywood Reporter

    23/07/2014 04:26RTL CBS Entertainment's HD channel will air The X Factor UK as live from the U.K. every Sunday and Monday from Aug. 31 at 10.30 am MST with a prime-time encore at 9pm MST. RTL CBS Entertainment's HD channel is available in Malaysia on HyppTV, ...
    more »

  • Robby Purba Resmi Memandu “X Factor Indonesia Season 2”

    Wow Keren

    22/07/2014 08:49INDONESIAN Idol telah menenumkan idola baru. Begitu pun D' Academy. Setelah keduanya habis masa tayang, kabarnya RCTI bersiap membangkitkan kembali X Factor Indonesia. Presenter X Factor Indonesia, Robby Purba (27) membenarkan kabar ...
    more »

  • The Guardian: Jokowi's victory is a decisive break with Indonesia's old order

    The Guardian

    22/07/2014 22:26It seems likely he will focus attention on foreign issues with a strong domestic dimension – he has already highlighted the issue of improving protections for Indonesian migrant workers. As such, Australia is unlikely to factor highly in Indonesia's ...
    more »

  • Insurance News Net: Combine Solicitation - MasterCam Software

    21/07/2014 08:11The following factor shall be used to evaluate offers: price. (End of Provision) P Full X) FAR 52.212-3 Offeror Representations and Certifications - Commercial Items IAW FAR 52.212-3, Reps/Certs should be completed electronically at http://www ...
    more »

Trending Topic 'X Factor Indonesia' Blogs

  • Jahmene X Factor Around The world - YouTube

    XFactorIndonesiaFM - 24/08/2013 13:27Novita Dewi (Runner Up X Factor Indonesia) performed "Halo" with Jahmene Douglas (Runner Up X Factor UK Series 9) Are you ready for the ONLY event you'll nee... more »

  • X Factor Indonesia - YouTube

    XFactorIndonesiaFM - 24/05/2013 15:36See You Next Season! Get the X Factor Indonesia songs on iTunes: Subscribe now for more X Factor Indonesia videos: http://you... more »

  • AGUS HAFILUDDIN - Cry Me a River (Ella Fitzgerald ...

    XFactorIndonesiaFM - 08/03/2013 12:24Get the X Factor Indonesia songs on iTunes: Subscribe now for more X Factor Indonesia videos: more »


    XFactorIndonesiaFM - 24/05/2013 12:31Get the X Factor Indonesia songs on iTunes: Subscribe now for more X Factor Indonesia videos: more »

  • X Factor Around The World [HD] - YouTube

    X Factor Indonesia - 18/09/2013 05:03This is the full episode of X Factor Around The World Are you ready for the ONLY event you'll need to see this year? A world first and ONLY in Indonesia! X F... more »


    XFactorIndonesiaFM - 24/08/2013 14:00Fatin Shidqia (The Winner X Factor Indonesia) performed "Payphone" with The Collective (Runner Up 2 X Factor Australia Series 4) Are you ready for the ONLY e... more »

  • 'X Factor UK' to Air Live in South East Asia

    Abid Rahman - 23/07/2014 04:20RTL CBS Asia Entertainment Network signs a deal with the show's producers to air "The X Factor UK" as live to homes in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand. The X Factor UK is coming to Asia screens ... more »


    XFactorIndonesiaFM - 24/08/2013 12:27Daniel Bedingfield performed "Every Little Thing" Are you ready for the ONLY event you'll need to see this year? A world first and ONLY in Indonesia! X Facto... more »

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