Trending Topic '#SgHaze' (Hashtag) in Singapore

Trending Topic '#SgHaze' (Hashtag) in Singapore

Trending Topic #SgHaze (Hashtag). One of the topics most talked about on Twitter in Singapore.

Last occurrence in Singapore of Trending Topic '#SgHaze' (Hashtag) on Thursday 27th of June 2013.

Trending Topic '#SgHaze' (Hashtag) Occurrences

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Trending Topic «#SgHaze» in Twitter

Trending Topic '#SgHaze' News

  • Channel 8 News & Current Affairs: 烟霾来袭家庭诊所求医病患增一成

    22/09/2014 09:41本地3小时空气污染指数,早上8点一度达到103点不健康水平,之后逐渐回落,目前维持在60多点中等水平。有家庭医生表示,同烟霾相关的过敏性病例一个星期来微增了一成。 烟霾来袭,引发民众咳嗽、鼻子敏感、红眼症和哮喘等 ...
    more »

  • Channel 8 News & Current Affairs: 环境局预测白天偶尔会出现烟霾天气

    Channel 8 News & Current Affairs

    21/09/2014 20:11国家环境局的网站显示,截至上午8点,过去三个小时的平均空气污染指数为103点,处于不健康水平;24小时的平均指数介于81到87点之间。 空气污染指数在昨天下午1点上升到中等水平后,节节攀升,到了晚上8点,达到116点的不 ...
    more »

  • Channel 8 News & Current Affairs: 我国早上空气污染指数达不健康水平

    Channel 8 News & Current Affairs

    18/09/2014 20:33国家环境局网站的数据显示,截至早上8点,过去三小时的平均空气污染指数是105点的不健康水平,南部的24小时平均空气污染指数为105点,北部和东北的指数为101点。 指数在昨天下午4点,一度达到106点。 国家环境局说,烟霾 ...
    more »

  • Channel 8 News & Current Affairs: 国家环境局:我国今天可能继续面对烟霾问题

    Channel 8 News & Current Affairs

    15/09/2014 01:15烟霾再度来袭,国家环境局警告,我国今天的24小时空气污染指数,预料将介于"适中"水平的上限,和"不健康"水平的下限之间。 我国空气中的悬浮微粒PM2.5的浓度在昨天晚上10点到今天早上7点之间升高,西部的情况最为严重 ...
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  • Channel 8 News & Current Affairs: 环境及水源部长维文:苏门答腊火点增加呼吁印尼当局采取必要行动

    Channel 8 News & Current Affairs

    14/09/2014 23:11环境局9月4日公布的印尼火点与风向图片。(资料图片:Channel NewsAsia). 环境及水源部长维文:苏门答腊火点增加呼吁印尼当局采取必要行动. A; A+. 15/09/2014 11:12 新加坡. 环境及水源部长维文对本地空气素质恶化 ...
    more »

  • Channel 8 News & Current Affairs: 北部傍晚下雨空气素质好转

    16/09/2014 09:07尽管我国上空有轻微烟雾,但北部地区在傍晚下阵雨,全岛各地的空气素质进一步好转。 最新数据显示,傍晚6点的24小时空气污染指数介于64到71点,过去三小时的平均指数是62点,属于适中水平。 环境局发表文告说,预计明天 ...
    more »

Trending Topic '#SgHaze' Blogs

  • How to make jokes about the SG Haze - Natalie Kay-Es-El

    Natalie Koh - 18/06/2013 03:38The SG Haze provides an automatic, unique smokey effect to all IG photos and saves you that one pesky step of painstakingly choosing your filters. Best of all, it's free! Smoke screen your images on IG today! Available for a ... more »

  • #SGhaze: Singapore's haze problem

    unknown - 20/06/2013 15:03#SGhaze: Singapore's haze problem. McDonald's made light of Singapore's air pollution, but Singaporeans aren't laughing. 0 Comments 531 Shares. Pocket. A view of Singapore's Financial District from the Marina Bay ... more »

  • #sghaze at utown. No filter, smell damn strong. | aki.chigo

    keilya - 19/06/2013 20:24#sghaze at utown. No filter, smell damn strong. #sghaze at utown. No filter, smell damn strong. Related Posts. Wah the hudson filter makes me look like i can audition to be in SKII ads. No filter sia or is the samsung amoled ... more »

  • Too Many Thoughts: An #sghaze info cheatsheet/linkdump

    Tym - 21/06/2013 22:35An #sghaze info cheatsheet/linkdump. Context: Singapore is in the middle of the worst smog and pollution it's seen since ... recorded history, I'll warrant. The latest record-high PSI was 401 yesterday (I get the heebie-jeebies ... more »

  • #SgHaze Twitter Trend Jokes - SQTalk

    viraj735 - 17/06/2013 20:20Hi all, Was browsing through the hashtag "#SgHaze" on Twitter this morning as it seems to have become the Singapore's top Twitter trend overnight. Below are a list of jokes and puns compiled from my Facebook & Twitter ... more »

  • Satellite image of #SGHaze | A Shutterbug's Life

    -irwintan - 20/06/2013 21:46Update @ 1155 hrs, 21 Jun 13: PSI has hit an all-time high in the history of Singapore - 400. Thank you Indonesia. -------------------------------- Via TheOnlineCitizen, I managed to find the link to NASA's website with a world map ... more »

  • Jetstar Friday Fare Frenzy newsletter in #sghaze | Foolish ...

    Jenny - 21/06/2013 04:39jetstar sghaze 1. I thought Jetstar was being so cool that she could offer me (and us – people in Singapore suffering from the haze craze) some cheap getaway options this weekend. Seriously, the copy did really nail it and I ... more »

  • Haze in #Singapore , #sgHaze in My Mind | Daily (w)rite

    Damyanti - 20/06/2013 22:34For the last week or so, Singapore has been enveloped in a haze. The PSI readings have at times reached 370, where anything above 100 is considered 'unhealthy', anything above 200 is 'very unhealthy' and above 300 is ... more »

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