Trending Topic 'Joanne Peh' (Topic) in Singapore

Trending Topic 'Joanne Peh' (Topic) in Singapore

Trending Topic Joanne Peh (Topic). One of the topics most talked about on Twitter in Singapore.

Last occurrence in Singapore of Trending Topic 'Joanne Peh' (Topic) on Sunday 28th of April 2013.

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Trending Topic «Joanne Peh» in Twitter


Trending Topic 'Joanne Peh' News

  • The New Paper: Joanne Peh is a super mum, says hubby

    The New Paper

    19/11/2015 17:02
    While other mothers take it easy during their maternity leave, Joanne Peh continues to have an active life post-birth. “Joanne hasn't really been on maternity leave: She went straight back to work a month after giving birth, hosting (variety show) Baby ...

  • Channel News Asia: It's a girl! Joanne Peh, Qi Yuwu welcome 'baby Qi'

    Channel News Asia

    07/08/2015 01:58
    It is not known when Peh, who recently renewed her MediaCorp contract, will resume work after giving birth. In one of her most recent interviews, she said she plans to be more selective with work assignments in order to spend more time with her baby.

  • AsiaOne: Joanne Peh shares adorable photo of "Baby Qi" on Instagram


    07/09/2015 02:33
    Joanne Peh has shared adorable photos of her baby daughter on Instagram. The 32-year-old who is married to China-born actor Qi Yuwu gave birth to 'Baby Qi' last month. Peh recenly shared an adorable snap of the cutie "chilling after milk". On her ...

  • Channel News Asia: Joanne Peh and Qi Yu Wu spill the beans about baby Qi and 1965

    Channel News Asia

    28/07/2015 22:26
    SINGAPORE: Qi Yu Wu held Joanne Peh's arm as they gingerly navigated the steps at Shaw Lido. Once seated, they traded giggles and whispered into each other's ears like teenagers on a date — not like a couple who are on the brink of two firsts: Their ...

  • AsiaOne: Qi Yuwu, who witnessed birth of his child with Joanne Peh, says it won't ...


    12/08/2015 05:33
    SINGAPORE - Despite being first-time parents, MediaCorp actors Qi Yuwu and Joanne Peh are not the panicky type to rush to attend to their infant daughter at the sound of her crying. But he admits that taking care of his child is like "learning a new ...

  • AsiaOne: Qi Yuwu describes wife Joanne Peh as "fierce" woman


    07/07/2015 05:00
    Yesterday, he put on an apron and a chef's hat and sweated it out in the kitchen with the director of 1965, Randy Ang. Qi plays a police inspector in the local historical movie, which opens here on July 30. Treated to the lunch at the Soup Restaurant ...

  • Channel News Asia: Can't touch this: Joanne Peh wants people to leave her belly alone

    Channel News Asia

    11/05/2015 04:07
    SINGAPORE: Joanne Peh was smiling constantly during a recent media conference for her new drama Mind Game, and and she has good reason to: She is now now about six months pregnant with her first child with husband, actor Qi Yuwu. Pregnancy has ...

  • AsiaOne: Joanne Peh's ready to pose nude because...

    19/06/2015 18:30
    When local actress Joanne Peh told The New Paper in January that she would want to do a nude photoshoot while pregnant, she was not joking. The 32-year-old, who is eight months pregnant with her first child with China-born actor-husband Qi Yuwu, has ...

Trending Topic 'Joanne Peh' Blogs

  • baby talk with joanne peh (plus some thoughts about 1965…)

    - Before the movie 1965 came out, I had the chance to sit down in an intimate session with Joanne Peh. We'd just viewed the raw edits of some scenes in the film for the first time, some of which included pretty intense action on ... more »

  • Joanne Peh sabos Qi Yuwu, says that “he's away from home ...

    - In what was a major hint that she missed her husband dearly, newly-minted best supporting actress Joanne Peh told the mainstream media that she had to depend on herself as Qi Yuwu was often away from home. Peh, who ... more »

  • Asia Entertainment News 亞太娛樂新聞: Joanne Peh shares ...

    - More than two months ago, actors Joanne Peh and Qi Yuwu became parents to a baby girl (nicknamed baby Qi) on August 7. In their handwritten statements to the media, the new parents spoke about Joanne's choice to opt ... more »

  • S M Ong: Goodbye, Boanne: Did Joanne Peh marry Qi ...

    - Okay, I surrender. I admit it. I was wrong. In April last year, I wrote a column called “So is Joanne Peh really going out with Qi Yuwu?” This week, should my column be called “So did Joanne Peh really marry Qi Yuwu?” more »

  • Joanne Peh: Baby bump didn't stop intense filming ...

    - New mom Joanne Peh has been the talk of the town since her marriage to fellow actor Qi Yuwu – she talks about her experience filming a movie while with child. more »

  • S M Ong: Joanne Peh & Qi Yuwu expecting their first child ...

    - Me to Mom: Joanne Peh is pregnant Mom: I bought your envelope. $2. Registered mail $2+. Pls email ASOS today. Talk about relevancy — D (@teuksdimples) January 28, 2015. RUINING NEWS: Joanne Peh and Qi ... more »

  • S M Ong: What happened to Joanne Peh?

    - I suppose you've heard the big Joanne Peh news by now. I, too, was caught by surprise like everyone else although in retrospect, I should've seen it coming. I am, of course, talking about the actress leaving the Channel 5 ... more »

  • Joanne Peh dan Qi Yuwu membawa bayi perempuan ke ...

    - PasarBetanda - Sementara ibu-ibu lain mengambil cara mudah selama cuti hamil mereka, Joanne Peh terus memiliki kehidupan pasca-kelahiran yang aktif. "Joanne belum benar-benar berada di cuti hamil. Dia langsung ... more »

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