Trending Topic 'Joanne Peh' (Topic) in Singapore

Trending Topic 'Joanne Peh' (Topic) in Singapore

Trending Topic Joanne Peh (Topic). One of the topics most talked about on Twitter in Singapore.

Last occurrence in Singapore of Trending Topic 'Joanne Peh' (Topic) on Sunday 28th of April 2013.

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Trending Topic «Joanne Peh» in Twitter

Trending Topic 'Joanne Peh' News

  • TODAYonline: Joanne Peh: 'I won't want to be too controlling'


    17/06/2015 23:20
    SINGAPORE – “The best thing about being me right now is that I'm enjoying life with hardly any stress,” joked Star Award-winning actress Joanne Peh. She was talking at the sidelines of the media update session for the movie, 1965. Peh stars as Zhou Jun ...

  • AsiaOne: Joanne Peh's ready to pose nude because...


    19/06/2015 19:37
    When local actress Joanne Peh told The New Paper in January that she would want to do a nude photoshoot while pregnant, she was not joking. The 32-year-old, who is eight months pregnant with her first child with China-born actor-husband Qi Yuwu, has ...

  • Channel News Asia: Can't touch this: Joanne Peh wants people to leave her belly alone

    Channel News Asia

    11/05/2015 04:07
    SINGAPORE: Joanne Peh was smiling constantly during a recent media conference for her new drama Mind Game, and and she has good reason to: She is now now about six months pregnant with her first child with husband, actor Qi Yuwu. Pregnancy has ...

  • TODAYonline: Joanne Peh wants a natural birth for Baby Qi


    28/04/2015 06:19
    At a press conference held today (April 28) for the upcoming MediaCorp TV Channel 8 drama Mind Games, lead actress Joanne Peh, who is six months pregnant, shared that she “felt a lot of kicking” while watching the show clips that were aired during the ...

  • AsiaOne: Mug in sink makes Joanne Peh miss husband and cry


    29/04/2015 23:45
    A relaxed and radiant Joanne Peh was all smiles during the Star Awards Show 2 on Sunday with actor-husband Qi Yuwu by her side. The 32-year-old proudly showed off her baby bump in public for the first time and snagged the Best Supporting Actress and ...

  • The Straits Times: Joanne Peh's pregnancy has been smooth-sailing so far, apart from occasionally ...

    The Straits Times

    28/04/2015 09:57
    Actress Joanne Peh (right) and her husband Qi Yuwu at the Star Awards 2015 held on April 26, 2015. The 32-year-old MediaCorp artiste, who is in her sixth month of her pregnancy, is determined to keep the gender of her first child a secret from the public.

  • AsiaOne: Hubby Qi Yuwu protective of pregnant Joanne Peh on set

    30/01/2015 19:00
    Local celebrity couple Joanne Peh and Qi Yuwu are on the fast track all right, and they keep the surprises coming. Two years ago, the actors announced they were dating, scarcely a month after she ended her high-profile four-year relationship with radio ...

  • AsiaOne: What happened to Joanne Peh?

    Channel News Asia

    02/02/2015 12:03
    I, too, was caught by surprise like everyone else although in retrospect, I should have seen it coming. I am, of course, talking about the actress leaving the Channel 5 drama series Code Of Law. What a shocker. I mean, there was no announcement that ...

Trending Topic 'Joanne Peh' Blogs

  • Joanne Peh sabos Qi Yuwu, says that “he's away from home ...

    - In what was a major hint that she missed her husband dearly, newly-minted best supporting actress Joanne Peh told the mainstream media that she had to depend on herself as Qi Yuwu was often away from home. Peh, who ... more »

  • S M Ong: What happened to Joanne Peh?

    - I suppose you've heard the big Joanne Peh news by now. I, too, was caught by surprise like everyone else although in retrospect, I should've seen it coming. I am, of course, talking about the actress leaving the Channel 5 ... more »

  • S M Ong: Joanne Peh & Qi Yuwu expecting their first child ...

    - Me to Mom: Joanne Peh is pregnant Mom: I bought your envelope. $2. Registered mail $2+. Pls email ASOS today. Talk about relevancy — D (@teuksdimples) January 28, 2015 ... more »

  • Someone used photoshop to switch celebrity faces at Star ...

    - This is Hardwarezone's most-memed celebrity: huang biren. No idea who that is? Here's an older classic: TPH. We have to say, Joanne Peh makes a very handsome man. joanne peh. Pierre Png should never dress in drag. more »

  • A baby is on the way for Joanne Peh and Qi Yuwu ...

    - Singapore's MediaCorp couple, Joanne Peh and Qi Yuwu are expecting their first baby! XINmsn reported that Joanne is three months pregnant and she is expected to deliver in the second half of 2015. A statement released ... more »

  • Channel News Asia confirms that Joanne Peh is just ...

    - In a story that goes nowhere, Channel News Asia spoke to Joanne Peh about time, fate and family on Wednesday (Oct. 15) and only published the story two days later. We wonder why. Nevertheless, the interview provided ... more »

  • S M Ong: Goodbye, Boanne: Did Joanne Peh marry Qi ...

    - Okay, I surrender. I admit it. I was wrong. In April last year, I wrote a column called “So is Joanne Peh really going out with Qi Yuwu?” This week, should my column be called “So did Joanne Peh really marry Qi Yuwu?” more »

  • Here are a few choice tweets about the Joanne Peh-Qi ...

    - Wait I always think that Joanne Peh is still with Bobby Tonelli and then suddenly she is married to Qi Yu Wu already? — Tammy Lim 한지래 (@MushroomSu) September 9, 2014 ... more »

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