Trending Topic '#BB15' (Hashtag) in United States

Trending Topic '#BB15' (Hashtag) in United States

Trending Topic #BB15 (Hashtag). One of the topics most talked about on Twitter in United States.

Last occurrence in United States of Trending Topic '#BB15' (Hashtag) on Friday 6th of September 2013.

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  • Rob Cesternino Has a Website (blog): Big Brother Canada 2014: Interview with Andy Herren

    08/04/2014 12:44Brian updates us on Sabrina's concern that she is being edited to be like Amanda (BB15). Rob felt there should have been more of a punishment for the sock puppet challenge however Andy and Brian thought it was fair to count small items (makeup pieces) ...
    more »

  • Big Brother 15 Cast Reunion: Aaryn Gries Hosts the Houseguests! [PHOTOS]

    31/03/2014 17:00Former Big Brother 15 cast members Judd Daughtery, Jeremy McGuire, Jessie Kowalsky, Aaryn Gries, and GinaMarie Zimmerman hooked up in Texas this past weekend for a grand reunion. The get together was hosted by Aaryn at her family's ranch, and it ...
    more »

  • Rob Cesternino Has a Website (blog): Big Brother Canada Week 4 Recap with Judd Daugherty

    Toronto Sun

    25/03/2014 15:28Rob Cesternino and Brian Lynch welcome King Judd Daugherty from BB15 to discuss this week in Big Brother Canada! Judd starts by saying he's really into Big Brother Canada – and is really enjoying this season. He finds there are a lot of people to root for.
    more »

  • McCrae Olson Loves Ex Girlfriend, Regrets Amanda Showmance

    28/03/2014 12:01Big Brother 15 Houseguest McCrae Olson has come out in a big way. No, he hasn't confessed he is gay. Instead, he's pretty much admitted the whole time he was involved with fellow Big Brother 15 cast member Amanda Zuckerman, he was thinking about ...
    more »

  • Journal Inquirer: Ambulance corps report reveals 'self-destructive' behavior

    19/04/2014 00:07SOUTH WINDSOR — Conflicts of interest, unaccounted-for emergency calls, inappropriate staffing, employee animosity and hostility toward management, and a lack of leadership are among the findings that led the Town Council to dismiss its long-time ...
    more »

  • Rob Cesternino Has a Website (blog): Big Brother Canada 2014: Recap of the First Jury Eviction with Ian Terry

    Rob Cesternino Has a Website (blog)

    18/04/2014 19:19She is hands down my favourite from BB15! Taylorg8. Allison should have kept Arlie for sure. Or else using the veto had no point in my opinion really. She just made herself look shady. Even if Neda still won that HOH, Arlie would still be a bigger ...
    more »

  • Arizona Daily Star: UA baseball: Wildcats' bats go silent in series opener with USC

    18/04/2014 02:56USC right-hander Wyatt Strahan limited the Arizona Wildcats to five hits as the Trojans opened a three-game series with a 1-0 win at Dedeaux Field in Los Angeles on Thursday night. Strahan (3-3) walked two and struck out eight in the shutout, out ...
    more »

  • Valley morning Star: Silver Screen Review: Transcendence

    17/04/2014 10:48First, we had Scarlett Johansson as a human-like operating system. Now, Johnny Depp has been uploaded. If the singularity – when artificial intelligence surpasses human smarts – is indeed coming, at least it has decent taste in movie star avatars ...
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Trending Topic '#BB15' Blogs

  • LIVE Reactions After the Big Brother 15 Finale

    Rob Cesternino - 18/09/2013 14:47Rob Cesternino and Brian Lynch recap the Big Brother 15 finale and discuss the legacy of Andy, Spencer or Ginamarie as the BB15 winner. more »

  • Season-to-date #BB15 Tweets: Volume & Geography ...

    Darryl Woodford - 10/09/2013 23:02With the finale of Big Brother 15 only a week away, I have started combining the data-sets to take a look at the whole-season figures, and eventually towards a couple of publications I hope to get from this data. However ... more »

  • Was Helen pushed or given a signal to jump!!!??? #BB15

    maven2379 - 23/08/2013 00:30So tonights BB, gave us a bit of something, that is "unusual" for BB!!! LOL I mean that in a way that says it is unusual that BB OPENLY rigs comps for a certain HG to re-enter, or whatever!!!!! Look near her feet!!!!! I guess I have ... more »

  • #BB15 and Australian Reality TV: 29 August – 9 September ...

    Darryl Woodford - 09/09/2013 02:27Now that I'm (barely) back from the US, and having got stuck into Fantasy Football drafts over the weekend, I bring you a very brief update on both Big Brother 15 and Australian Reality TV over the second half of my trip to the ... more »

  • Guide to the #BB15 Season Finale - Big Brother Gossip

    Target John - 18/09/2013 00:34The #BB15 season finale airs in the east about 20 hours from when I'm posting this -- and don't forget that it's 90 minutes long and that it starts at a special time (9:30p Eastern on Wednesday, September 18, 2013). Here's the ... more »

  • A Weekend of Reality TV Twitter Analytics: #bb15, #bbau ...

    Darryl Woodford - 05/08/2013 02:09Something a little bit different today; we have the regular check-in on the US series of Big Brother, with a look at the data from the 1 August and 4 August shows, a brief look at how Big Brother Australia is doing, and also a ... more »

  • Guilt by Association and #bb15: Tweets around the 'Triangle ...

    Darryl Woodford - 23/07/2013 20:00One of the constant themes from the early going in BB15 has been the racism, sexism and other scandals, primarily around Aaryn and GinaMarie, who have both been released from real-world contracts for their on-show ... more »

  • #BB15 The Amanda Show | Maven's Blog

    maven2379 - 19/08/2013 17:14#BB15 The Amanda Show. 08-05-2013-19.24.04.Cam3 So after the surprise double eviction episode, things went downhill again, or however much more downhill things could get this year! This has got to be the worst year of ... more »

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