Trending Topics on Sunday 2nd of June 2013

Trending Topics on Sunday 2nd of June 2013

Trending Topics on Sunday 2nd of June 2013: The topics or hashtags most talked about on Twitter (currently being discussed) on 2nd of June 2013.

About Trending Topics

A word, phrase or topic that is tagged at a greater rate than other tags is said to be a trending topic (TT for short).

Trending topics become popular either through a concerted effort by users or because of an event that prompts people to talk about one specific topic.

These topics help Twitter and their users to understand what is happening in the world.

Trending topics are sometimes the result of concerted efforts by fans of certain celebrities or cultural phenomena. The trend algorithm has been altered in the past to prevent manipulation of this type.

Trending Topic News

  • Jakarta Post: #SaveKPK worldwide trending topic on Twitter

    23/01/2015 03:40
    The public demonstrated their support for the antigraft body through US-based social media giant Twitter on Friday. #SaveKPK topped the Twitter trending topic not only in Indonesia but also worldwide as of 2:30 p.m on Friday. "This is why we need a ...

  • TechnologyTell: 2015 Royal Rumble Recap: Reigns wins, turns #CancelWWENetwork into ...


    26/01/2015 15:26
    This time last year, I was telling that you WWE fans were up in arms over a dissatisfying finish to the Royal Rumble, the company pushing the wrestler it wanted instead of the one viewers were begging for. WWE obviously learned nothing from its failed ...

  • CBS Local: 'Flexball' Becomes Trending Topic Thanks To 'Deflategate' Press Conferences

    CBS Local

    23/01/2015 08:30
    New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady talks to the media during a press conference to address the under inflation of footballs used in the AFC championship game at Gillette Stadium on Jan. 22, 2015 in Foxboro, Mass. (credit: Maddie Meyer/Getty ...

  • KTUL: Trending Topics: Radical Brownies, Question of the Day

    25/01/2015 18:15
    Around 100 people attended a community meeting Saturday at the Divine Love Church in Muskogee Saturday. The topic of conversation, the officer-involved shooting death of Terrance Walker, 21.More >>. Around 100 people attended a community meeting ...

  • Sydney Morning Herald: You need to monitor trending topics

    Sydney Morning Herald

    19/01/2015 21:39
    One of the most effective marketing tactics you can implement is real-time monitoring of trending topics online. Trending topics are those that are being talked about online right now. For example, Twitter has an algorithm that identifies topics that ...

  • KPHO Phoenix: MD official becomes Twitter trending topic after First Amendment fail

    07/01/2015 02:18
    Frederick County, MD, Council Member Kirby Delauter became a household name on Tuesday. (Source: Kirby Delauter became a trending topic on Twitter as people mocked him for threatening to sue a reporter who used his name in an ...

  • Search Engine Land: 2014 Trending Topics Highlighted In Google's New Year's Eve Logo


    31/12/2014 11:22
    Google's ushering out 2014 with a doodle featuring the year's most popular trending topics. The New Year's Eve logo includes animation to spotlight the World Cup, the Philae robotic lander, ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and Flappy Bird, along with a sharing ...

  • Lightly Buzzed: Bob Newhart becomes trending topic on Twitter thanks to lookalike referee (Photo)

    Lightly Buzzed

    12/01/2015 23:26
    Everyone tweeting about the uncanny resemblance between Burks and Newhart caused “Bob Newhart” to become a trending topic on Twitter. Which got a lot of people worrying that Bob Newhart had died. Don't worry, he's not dead, he's just resting. A lot.

Trending Topic Blogs

  • Google Trends Rolls Out "2014 Trending Topics" Feature, Site

    - In time for Google's 2014 #YearInReview, Google Trends now showing trending topics of the year. more »

  • 2014 Trending Topics Highlighted In Google's New Year's ...

    - Clicking the animated logo launches a results page that lists Google's top five most popular trending topics of the year, with a link to “Explore 2014 Trending Topics.” Here's a quick list of Google's top five 2014 trending topics, ... more »

  • Facebook launches Trending Topics on mobile - VentureBeat

    - Facebook today launched Trending Topics on mobile. The feature is rolling out now in the U.S. on Android, with the promise that support for iOS and other countries is “coming soon.” more »

  • Facebook Trending Topics Go Mobile, Highlight Real-Time ...

    - Facebook gets a lot of flack for copying Twitter features like Trending Topics, but today it's evolving its version now on Android and web, and coming soon to iOS. Each trend is divided into five sections: News articles, a “Live ... more »

  • For Better Trending Topics, Try | SocialTimes

    - How often do you check in to Twitter's trending topics? If you can't remember the last time you did, there's a reason: trending topics are broad, and tend to incorporate a lot of pop culture (and sometimes a fair amount of noise). more »

  • Updates to Trending | Facebook Newsroom

    - The way that your Trending topics are determined hasn't changed, and as always, only public posts and posts that you are in the audience for (like updates from friends or groups that you belong to) will be shown in Trending. more »

  • #SaveKPK jadi trending topic di Twitter - Rappler

    - Netizen menggalakkan gerakan online dengan tagar #SaveKPK di Twitter, yang berhasil memuncaki daftar trending topic hingga Jumat malam. Bukan hanya menjadi trending topic di Indonesia, tapi juga di dunia. more »

  • How To Use Trending Topics To Increase Your Conversions ...

    - There`s an art to using trends in your marketing. Here are 3 tips for levering trending topics to increase clickthrough conversion rates. more »

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