Trending Topics on Sunday 2nd of June 2013

Trending Topics on Sunday 2nd of June 2013

Trending Topics on Sunday 2nd of June 2013: The topics or hashtags most talked about on Twitter (currently being discussed) on 2nd of June 2013.


About Trending Topics

A word, phrase or topic that is tagged at a greater rate than other tags is said to be a trending topic (TT for short).

Trending topics become popular either through a concerted effort by users or because of an event that prompts people to talk about one specific topic.

These topics help Twitter and their users to understand what is happening in the world.

Trending topics are sometimes the result of concerted efforts by fans of certain celebrities or cultural phenomena. The trend algorithm has been altered in the past to prevent manipulation of this type.

Trending Topic News

  • Cabrini College Loquitur: African American celebrities boycott award cermony with trending topic ...

    Cabrini College Loquitur

    10/02/2016 13:33
    The award ceremony celebrates the best films of the year. It just so happens that this year, the nominations for all lead actors and actresses are all caucasian males and females. There are no nominations of color. Many communities and famous activists ...

  • The Standard Digital News (satire) (press release) (registration) (blog): Musician Chelele most trending topic in January

    The Standard Digital News (satire) (press release) (registration) (blog)

    08/02/2016 16:11
    According to Google Search Trends that indicates patterns over a period of time, information on the late Chelele was the most searched followed by the Independent Electoral Boundary Commission (IEBC), Kenya Defence Forces and the FA Cup. Chelele ...

  • The Inquisitr: Ageism, Hate, And Intolerance Within The LGBT Community Finally Becomes A ...

    The Inquisitr

    09/02/2016 19:10
    When a group who has been completely repressed by society gains rights and becomes more mainstream, division starts to occur. In the 1980s and 1990s, the LGBT community came together after friends were dying due to AIDS. That togetherness changed ...

  • TheWrap: #RIPTwitter No. 1 Trending Topic on Twitter


    06/02/2016 13:48
    Twitterverse is going nuts over a report from BuzzFeed that Twitter is planning to introduce its algorithmic timeline as soon as next week. In other words, your Twitter feed could soon look more like Facebook. According to BuzzFeed, the timeline will ...

  • Reuters: Zika virus a trending topic on social media platforms


    03/02/2016 15:41
    The countries generating the most searches for Zika in the last day were Venezuela, Mexico and the Dominican Republic, according to Google. It was also a trending topic on Yik Yak, a location-based mobile app popular with millennials. On Twitter, users ...

  • USA TODAY: Viola Davis: 'Diversity is not a trending topic'


    30/01/2016 22:50
    Viola Davis wants diversity in Hollywood to stay on people's radar long after the awards season is over. After winning the best actress SAG Award for her role in How To Get Away With Murder, Davis implored journalists backstage to keep the conversation ...

  • Reuters: #RIPTwitter is No. 1 trending topic on Twitter


    06/02/2016 18:05
    1 trending topic on Twitter. Saturday, February 06, 2016 - 01:10. Reports of a new algorithmic feed coming to Twitter spark a tweet tantrum, with users saying it will look more like Facebook and predicting its demise. Press CTRL+C (Windows), CMD+C (Mac ...

  • WDAM-TV: VIRAL: Beyonce's new video trending topic charts

    06/02/2016 18:26
    HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) -. Beyonce's surprise new single and music video “Formation” has swept across the internet Saturday resulting in trending topic. The famed artist's single has over 5,300 tweets and is currently going viral in Google's Trends ...

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